Christmas Puzzle Walkthrough


This is the board at the beginning:

Mark received coal when you click go.

You are told directly that Karen and Helen received coal.

Helen's clue tells you that Don is the only member of column 5 that did not receive coal. So James, Ann, Jane, Maria, and Mary do not receive coal. Karen's clue says that everyone in the bottom row received coal except 1 person. Since Mary already does not receive coal, Danny, Amy, Nicola, and Emily receive coal.

Danny and Nicole's clues says that 3 girls and 1 boy receive clothes, all in the same row. The only row that has 3 unassigned girls is the 5th row. So Suzy, Julia, and Maria receive clothes. (Clothes is an item that the kids receive; not a category of a bunch of items)

Maria's clue says that the person who received the doll is on a corner, which must go to Mary. Her clue says that 2 girls in column 2 receive shoes (Shoes is an item, not a cateogry), so Sarah and Linda must receive shoes because they are the only 2 girls left in the column. Suzy's clue gives us that Dave received the movie because Sarah already received shoes.

Emily's clue says that the a girl in the 3rd row got a phone. The only girl left is Ann, so she got the phone. Her clue says that Either James or Jane got the TV, but Emily's clue says that Matt is the only boy to receive electronics (Electronics is a category of many items). So Ann received the TV.

Tom has to receive shoes because of Jane's clue and he cannot receive coal (Don's clue). But Dave's clue says that the person to receive the football is in the 3rd row (Ann got the phone), so Will received the football and Joe received the basketball (Linda's clue).

Paul had to receive clothes because Joe already received the basketball. So Lisa must receive the hat because she is the only girl not assigned to an item and could be adjacent to 3 kids with shoes (Julia's clue).

The 3 letter names are Tom, Amy, Joe, Bob, Don, and Ann. Paul's clue says that 3 of them have to receive coal. Amy and Don already recieved coal and everyone else except Bob received something else. So Bob must receive coal. His clue says that Ryan must receive shoes because the shoes have to make a chain and cannot reach James with only 5 kids that receive shoes.

Joe's clue says that one person in her diagonal must receive coal. The only one left is John, so he received coal. His clue says that 2 kids in the 1st column receive shoes, so Lauren got shoes.

Lisa's clue says that Richard either gets shoes, clothes, or coal. Since he cannot receive clothes and 5 kids already recieve shoes, me must receive coal. His clue says that James receive the guitar. Back to Emily's clue Matt is the only boy to receive electronics, so he received the computer because Mike is the only other kid left.

The only item left that is unassigned is the skateboard (Lauren's clue). So Mike received the skateboard.